Autopot used commercially.

ryan.mosebyJune 30, 2013

Has anybody used the autopot hydroponic system on a commercial scale?

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I have not. It seems it would be rather expensive to use that system on multiple plants.
I have been pondering how to improvise a system to make a zero electricity EnF system based on the autopots working mechanism. the only manual power would be to fill an elevated reservoir each day.
I kind of moved onto other things though and haven't finished working it out.

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I like the zero electricity and low maintenance idea. In this part of the world we're only getting the autopot in 8.5l sizes. Would like to experiment with a smaller pot just to get the hang of it.

I think another concern is that you'll have to be able to isolate a problem child plant quickly and if the problem lies within the reservoir you'll have your entire row of plants in danger.

I still don't think there's another easier way and just overseeing a couple of reservoirs a day would be awesome but think it's unlikely that simple.

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I was thinking you could use the autopot valve to flood a tray that held multiple plants in individual pots. that way if you have a problem, you can simply remove the problem plant.Here is a link that explains how the valve works and sells just the valve (without the pot) maybe that'll help spur some ideas.

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Awesome stuff. Thanks Grizzman

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