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danielfpJune 7, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Since I first released my free ebook about the preparation of hydroponic nutrients I have received several comments regarding problems with my approach (the ebook is available at http://allhydroponics.blogspot.com if you want to have a look). In general several people find the spreadsheet included within the ebook limiting and the scope of its use narrow in the sense that they are limited to certain salts (which may not be available) and corrections due to hardness, etc are simply not present.

For this reason I have decided to code a small Delphi based program to make nutrient design and preparation from a wide variety of salts, "a breeze".

Since this community represents the average home-grower, dedicated enthusiast and hydroponic hobbyst in general I would like to ask you what you would like to get, what you would like to be able to do and what you would expect from such a program. I have already coded the first draft of the software but I want to add any features you request so that we can have a free and wonderful piece of code that will allow anyone out there to prepare and enjoy their own, custom-desgined nutrients.

Thank you very much in advance for all your suggestions ! :o)

Best Regards,


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Hi Daniel
I found your website and e-book an informative and interesting read. I must admit some of the ingredients listed in the xls would be hard for me to source though. I think it may be quite useful to be able to alter values for the individual components as the percentages may vary between similar products and also from country to country. An option to add something new to the database may be handy too.

Looking at various formulation software there are a few features for the average hobby grower but not too many. These may serve as a source of inspiration for further ideas.


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