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smelly12(ny)June 15, 2004


I am new to hydro and have another question for you experts. I Am using a bubbler system made out of an 10 gallon aquariumn. Im growing two plants with one large air stone undeneath the netpots filled with hydro rocks. I heard that the airstone does not provide a great deal of o2 to the water so i was wondering if my water fall style aquaruim pump would add alot more o2 being that the water hits the air before dropping into the res. . I also was considering an NFT conversion using the water fall style pump and some square pvc pipe. any suggestions would be greatl appreciated.

thank You

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The following may help increase dissolved oxygen:

 Your waterfall pump.
 If using a water pump, a venturi tube.
 The longer the oxygen bubble is in water the greater the dissolved oxygen. A deep reservoir will help do this. However, this depends on whether your pump has enough draw for a deep reservoir.
 Hydrogen peroxide.
 If you are going with a NFT system flow rate & system slope affects root 02. Steeper slopes & a faster flow rates are recommended. There is a bit of information on this page:

Go to:

The Sri Lanka Agriculture site has some interesting info on NFT slopes:

Key word slope:

"The maximum length of the channel is 5-10 m and is placed at a slope drop of 1 in 50 to 1 in 75." (1m is about 1 yard).

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