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oakleaf33(8)June 21, 2008

This past week on an endless search I have sent a pile of emails and actually had the president's of three different major h.p suppliers call me back. I spoke to michael christian from am hydroponics, the guy at vertigo, and cropking in ohio. Michael christian tried to tell me that about 90% of all self "homemade" hydro systems fail because of total nutrient balance. Im goin with the stacked bleach bottle method. 1 1/2 in dia pvc with water heads and a gutter for a return system. Just to help us with a first growing season just to pay for our first fully automated system. I actually think im becoming exssentric with this project. More so with the business side of it that the other physical building of it. Replies are appreciated ..am i going crazy.LOL

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Can you post a link to imageshack that shows your system? I've been using Hydroponics for veggies more than 25 years. I may be able to keep you from making the same mistakes that have been resolved already.

Good luck to you!

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I'm somewhat new to this hobby of Hydroponics and Aeroponics, but I honestly can't believe that homemade systems fail as described above. It all begins with a system that's designed and made well so I used a book to show me how to built my systems and have had no crops "fail" at all. I have had some crops come out less than ideal, but unless you totally ignore your water quality, PH and TDS I can't imagine where you'd fail. I also test and change my solution every 2 weeks, monitor the temp and make sure I always add extra aeration, especially in the heat of the new england summer if I have my systems outside.

Overall I think it begins with good water quality, and then simply making sure you have adequate lighting, proper PH and a proper nutrient mix depending on the plant cycle. Otherwise, its plant, grow, eat for me!

More info on water quality, and having the right tools for the job - see my site at http://www.TechnologyGarden.net

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.TechnologyGarden.net

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Hydroponics is not rocket science.

Remember what the hp companies are selling when they give you advice.

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Sorry guys I didn't mean to give the wrong impression like im pessamistic. I believe that what everyone here is doing is going to make a small but effective impact on everyone around them. People will begin to see what it is we are doing and understand what this "science" so to speak is capable of doing in the future. Sorry Datilman 007 I'm still making some changes before I start my setup but I will get you guys some pictures. I just wanna make sure I can work eliminate as many problem areas as I can on paper before I do it. Willard 3 you are right they are in fact salesman 24 hours a day. So they will try there best to sell you somethin when they can or at least influence u. I have far too many much of an understanding for mine to fail and with as much as I do know and what I have read there is no excuse for why I haven't built my system already. Keep up the work guys people will start to catch on to what it is we are working towards.

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You also have to remember that a lot of the systems that fail are probably people that don't look stuff up online and post on these forums. They do something like hear somewhere that coffee grounds are good for plants, drop some seeds in a cup of coffee, and wonder why it doesn't grow.

You said in the first post that you were told many "homemade hydro systems fail because of total nutrient balance". What does that mean? That the system failed because the nutrients given to the plants weren't right? If that's the case it's hardly the hydroponic system itself, it's just a simple fertilizer problem.

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Well Michael Christian was the one who told me that about the systems failing. He said that most systems fail do to poor knowledge and complete understanding. Whether it be nutrient deficiencies or whatever. If most people think they can glue some pvc together and add in a water pump and expect miracles they are wrong. I believe that we all here in this forum have at least half as much knowledge about all of the hydroponics as most guys did back in the day in the late seventies when they were attending college for this stuff. Now thanks to the internet we have more than what they had in books at our fingertips. People under-estimate too much. Anyone can be successful at hydroponics if you just set down and read a little bit and take in some knowledge.

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Yep. That's one of the reasons I've subscribed to AN's newsletter. It's hard to go far wrong with good information, advice, and supplies.

It's not necessary to have the best of everything, but knowledge is what you need in order to be able to cut corners in the right places.

Here is a link that might be useful: AN's Newsletter

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Thanx...H.O.P. I will see about subscribing to that news letter.

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Let me know what you think of it.

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