Propagating questions

compost1311July 9, 2012

I have a few questions about propagating Hydrangeas.

Why is it recommended to cover the cuttings (usually with a plastic bag)?

Also, why is a soil less media recommended? I have vermiculite and

I'm contemplating using either vermiculite with vermicompost or just vermiculite. I also have soil moist I plan to mix into the media to help retain water.

Lastly, how long does it take for the cuttings to mature into a shrub that can bloom?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Hydrangea cuttings will do best in a sterile, moisture-retentive, well-draining rooting medium for moisture, support of the stems, and to discourage fungal disease. Vermiculite, perlite, coarse sand or a commercial soilless potting mix all work well. An easy way to lose cuttings is to place them in an overly wet, heavy rooting medium.

The plastic bag covering is recommended to maintain the humidity the cuttings need, pot should be in bright light but not direct sun so the cutting doesn't fry.

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I have one that I grew from a cutting in a florist shop. I think it's a starburst? It rooted very easily in a pot of regular potting soil, not covered, no special care.

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