Hydrangea leaves turning deep purple at edges

a_dog_at_a_keyboardJuly 23, 2012

I'm not even sure if this is the best resource for this, but I'll give it a shot ;)

I just moved into a new home outside of Boston, and with it came a hydrangea plant (variety unknown). I haven't had to take care of anything more complicated than potted African violets before, so I'm not sure what's best for it beside watering, which I do regularly. The plant gets 6+ hours of sun per day.

Recently, many of the leaves (which were green) have taken a purple-brown tinge to their edges. What could cause this? I've read about everything from leaf scorching to phosphorous deficiency, but nothing seems to be shriveling or falling off (yet).

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springwood_gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

This is probably the only worthwhile place to talk about hydrangeas, so look no further!

But rest easy! The issue here is not ID'ing a problem but ID'ing the plant itself. You have a Preziosa, a cross of macrophylla and serrata types that was hybridized over 50 years ago. It simply behaves this way. In fact it is prized for its combination of foliage color and "washed denim" blooms.

See the link to another recent thread below; someone else just had this issue with identifying what was going on with their shrub. Into the fall, the leaves will continue this trend until they fall off, and the process will repeat each year.

PS: Cut off those brown stems with nothing on them (or at least down to where there is growth). They're history.

Repeat this process about every 1st of June, as you *will* get fair amount regrowth from old wood. Do not prune to the ground or you will lose next year's flowers. Simply deadhead after flowering and prune out dead wood next mid-spring.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recent Post about Purple Leaves / Preziosa

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Well, that's interesting. It does look neat; I was admiring it this morning as I picked a few nasty snails off of it.

Thanks for the pruning tip, too!

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The soil chemistry also plays a part in accentuating this red or purplish coloration in the leaves. There is aluminum sulphate in the soil surrounding this hydrangea, which normally turns the flowers blue, and appears to bring out a red hue in my hydrangea.

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I ve noticed that happening when they get a lot (too much?) sun.

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springwood_gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

It can.

But Preziosa is an extreme case, as shown by ALL pictures in the thread.

By August it will look like such *no matter what* - whether sun, insects, disease - because of genetics / pigmentation.

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