What's Your Favorite Hydroponic Newsletter?

hooked_on_ponicsJune 20, 2008

The title pretty much says it all, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good hydroponic newsletter.

I've been looking around and found a few, but most are rather disappointing. My favorite so far is Advanced Nutrients hydroponic newsletter. It's pretty good and has lot of useful tips and so forth. Anyone else subscribe to it? If so, what do you think?

And of course if anyone else has another hydroponic newsletter to suggest, please mention it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Advanced Nutrients' Hydroponic Newsletter

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chuck(Z10,SW FL)

I'm sorry to say that the link led to a commercial product advertisment. Where is the newsletter?

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

You need to subscribe to the newsletter. I don't like the tone of the advert. Very condescending. But I'll see what their newsletters have to say.

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chuck - it's not remotely a commercial product. There's an easy way to tell: commercial products cost money. Since the newsletter doesn't cost money, it's not really a commercial product, now is it?

And the newsletter is right there - it's the only thing on the page.

greystoke - I didn't think it was condescending. What part did you think was bad?

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

I don't like being bombarded with superlatives. Perhaps its just me, but it makes me suspicious that something is being hidden.
But . . . I stand to correction, which is why I subscribed to the newsletter.

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I know what you mean on that, greystoke. It's laid on a bit thick but that's advertising for ya. You just gotta take it with a grain of salt.

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Hey thanks for posting this. I signed up for this a couple days ago and I'm really glad I did.

Good stuff!

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Look at what they're selling.....always keep your eye on that ball.

They sell nutrients.....you think their newsletter will have something to do with nutrient sales?

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They aren't just doing this out of generosity. I don't like seeing the claim of such a "generous offer". However, that doesn't mean it's bad info. They want people to be successful because successful hydro gardeners become regular customers and if they teach you something that other companies don't and it works then they give the appearance (whether true or not) that they know what they are doing better than others. Then you are more likely to purchase their product. It's a smart tactic to use win win situations. The customer wins through success based on your advice and you win the customer.

Hooked on ponics, do you work for Advanced Nutrients or just like the product? And I'm not accusing you of using this as an advertising platform if you do work with them. I represent two companies because I like their product rather than like the product because I represent them. I'm just curious.

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That's the way I look at it. Advanced Nutrients doesn't want me to kill my garden. They want me to be wildly successful and believe that their products are a significant part of the reason I'm so successful. If all they wanted was a one-time sell they'd get Ron Popeil or whatever that guy's name is to hawk their stuff on an infomercial. "But wait! If you act now..."

Nah, these guys want me coming back over and over so it's in their best interest to give the best advice they can. Capitalism at its finest. The more successful I am, the more I can afford to buy and the more successful they become. Right?

And no, I'm not an employee of AN, just a fan. I kind of know a couple of the guys that work there via the Internet and phone (I email questions to one of their guru types and I've gotten on a first-name basis with some of their tech support phone guys), but I don't think they even have branch offices anywhere near where I live.

Now if there's an employee discount or something... that'd be awesome. But it's just a personal thing with me, like how I'll recommend Simple Green to anyone who needs a good cleaner that isn't toxic. It's just something I've been so impressed by that I want to share my good experience with other people.

As far as Simple Green goes, I don't use it in hydroponics - I prefer good old-fashioned bleach. But for pet cages or something like that, it's great. Oh, and it will clean a car engine like nothing I've ever seen.

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That's advertising, that's not news.....

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Advertising is news if it's honest. Companies that do research and develop a product based on that research don't tend to take it to channel 13 for the 6:00pm news feed. They put the info in newsletters to people likely to buy the product. What is news? New information. If there is a product out that you might not have heard of or a best way to put it to use, that is news. May not be what you want for news, but then that's why you may choose not to get the newsletter. I have a funny feeling my grandmother was glad Eli Lilly put out the news that they had a new insulin product for her diabetes. Is that not advertising? Sure. And really great news to an insulin dependent diabetic. When they put out newletters, they sure as hell aren't telling you about a superior Merck product now are they?

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I wonder if you actually subscribed to the newsletter Willard. They drop product placement in it from time to time but it's mostly growing advice in my experience.

Yes, it serves a purpose for Advanced Nutrients. It costs them money since someone somewhere is paid to write it, so they understandably want their money's worth. I don't begrudge them that. It's still my choice to buy or not and I don't mind the info I learn along the way.

I mean c'mon, everyone's got a reason for doing what they do. You can't just blindly follow anyone's advice. At least here it's not hard to see what they're after.

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