Leaning Hydrangeas

ewe105July 22, 2014

Good morning all! This spring I planted three Incrediball hydrangeas. They seem to have taken very well and look very healthy. They're planted against the eastern wall of my house in partial (morning) sun - which I understand is preferable to full or afternoon sun. However, instead of growing straight up / symmetrically, they are leaning towards the sun and all of their growth is to the east. I have tried to research "how to support hydrangeas," but all I can find are solutions for droopy plants due to heavy flowers. I don't have that problem (I don't even have any flowers yet), but I am afraid that this could be damaging to the stem and other branches when the flowers form and they start to get heavy. Has anyone else had this problem? Should I try to stake them for support? Any advice would be appreciated.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Buy a 3 ft green wire "fence" at Home Depot (or similar place) and insert, semi-circle, in front of the hydrangeas, not too close to the stems coming out of the ground but close enough so that they can't lean over very far and, when they bloom those BIG blooms, they can rest their big heads on the "fence" if they start leaning. They will go no lower than the 3 ft "fence" that way.

Stakes and twine/wire could probably accomplish the same double duty if properly spaced.


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Dublinbay - Thank you for the advice. Do you have (or have you seen on the web) any pictures of this? I'm not sure I can visualize how the fence would work after the plant has already branched out. Would all of the canes be growing over the top of the fence or some growing through it?

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

The canes would be growing over the top of the fence. I don't know how tall Incrediball gets, but my Annabelle gets about 4 ft tall and the fence is at most 3 ft tall--maybe only 2.5 ft tall. That way it provides some support but allows the stems to arch naturally as they would growing without a bracing support for the bottom half of the stem.


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