seeding in coco

betlogsJune 1, 2008

ok, another coco coir question.

I've been germinating my seeds in paper towels and they work well, but just for experimenting I was wondering if I'm able to seed them in coco coir and if the germinating process will take the same time.


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The paper towel method works but you will get long weak stems that break or take a long time to recover. Growing in coir can work, especially for some large seeds like beet or sticky germinators like basil. I dont' recommend this for small seeds like carrot or parsley or perfect hard-round seeds like lettuce/spinach because they will just wash through. How about rockwool? Fiberglass? IMHO the starting material is kinda of a big deal. Go with rockwool.


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pinewoods(San Diego CA)

After the seeds have germinated and have developed the cotyledon seeds, are any fertilisers required to be added to cocopeat. I m growing seedlings in paper-pots filled with cocopeat perilite mix as germinating medium. Any harm if we plant the germinated seeds along with paper-pots in the soil beds now.

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I would start using a mild nutrient solution (about 1/4 strength) once the first true leaves start showing. Transplanting into soil is just fine, the coco coir is a great soil amendment, and the paper pots will decompose quickly so the roots can expand.

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