Deer eating shoots

SusanBachman(6)March 31, 2013

The deer have just started to eat the tips of my 'Blue Magic' Dutch Iris shoots. Is there anything I can do, besides a 10 foot fence? I read once about spraying pepper, maybe mixed with a little egg (so it would stick I think) onto the leaves. There are daffodils plants near the iris. I guess they will start to eat the daylilies too when they come up.

Has anyone else had this problem with deer? Will my flowers still get blooms on them?

I will post a picture later if that helps.

I didn't see any particular forum that deals with deer problems.


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Shoot eating deer.......

Deer don't like bearded iris so much, they much prefer tulips and of course day lilies. I'm not sure about dutch iris. Daffodils are good to plant, they don't like them. Things to do about deer are to figure out their pathways when there is snow on the ground to mark their travel, and then later plant the things they like away from that normal route through your yard. Plant mostly things they don't like so they go somewhere else to eat, and fencing works pretty well. If it is a small enclosure they often won't go into it even if the fencing is pretty short. There are products that you can buy that deter deer, I have a friend that swears by one of them, but she has more money to burn than I do. I have let my dog go after them early in the AM, but I don't live by a road and I get up really early. They have been passing through my yard at the farthest point away from the house since I have been doing that. I wonder if just covering the shoots with a laundry basket or something like that until your neighbor's tulips are bigger would help. Oh- whether or not they would get flowers would depend on how deeply they were bit off, and how far along they were when the biting happened. Good luck.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

The deer, or the rabbits, I don't know which, will nibble my bearded iris as they are first coming up, but as soon as anything else shows green, they switch to something else.

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