HELP! What do i do?

melaroma(6)March 6, 2010

I had planted some irises and had not noticed that they were planted next to a water drain and all winter they have been flooded with water. I decided today to move the irises even though I think its the wrong time to do that. What should I do? Should I pot them inside or plant them elsewhere? I don't even have a space prepared outside at this moment. Are there any specifics as to what should be done? Is it too soon to work with the soil? It is 34 degrees outside and it snowed two inches yesterday so everything is wet.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Are these beardeds?

Potting sounds like the best option and hold in the garage until your weather begins to warm. Then plant. If any rhizomes feel mushy you will need to cut the rotting part away & put the remaining in a 10% bleach solution ~ 10-30 min. Lay on newspaper in a dry place overnight. Or rub the cut with Comet.

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Nancy zone 6

I'm zone 6 too, although snow has cleared off here & weather is 50 degrees the last couple of days. If it were me though I'd just try to move them. Press the tops of the rhizome in the ground, if they don't feel mushy to you, I'd just try to dig a big clump of dirt with them & either move them to another spot or pot them up if that is more convenient. Try not to disturb them too much & you "might" get some bloom. If you pot them, I don't think you have to bring them inside, just place the pot against the side of your house where they will be more protected. Of course, if the rhizomes are mushy, you will have to dig them individually & treat as above.

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I went ahead and planted them but did not check for mushy parts. I will try and dig them up to check them. Thanks guys!

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I used to have a large iris bed in Oshkosh, WI. It was in an area along the street that had gravel under it for the city sewer. In the early spring before the ground would thaw out, water would collect in the bed for a couple weeks. I actually had ducks swimming in my iris bed! Once the ground thawed, the bed was very dry due to the gravel under it, and I would have to water it. The water early in the year didn't seem to hurt anything, I think because everything was still so cold. It would have probably killed the irises to have those conditions in warmer weather. Your irises may be fine, though you should move them once the weather warms up.

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