Can I grow beautiful hydrangeas in my climate?

peachymomo(Ca 8)July 31, 2010

I spent six months in Japan a couple years ago and I was amazed by the flowers, especially the hydrangeas. Since I returned to California all the hydrangeas I see look unhappy. I've wanted my own beautiful hydrangeas for years but I'm worried that if I do grow them they won't be happy, and I'll just look at them and think of how much better they looked in Japan.

Should I try it anyway? I have a shady yard with lots of different exposures - morning, afternoon or all-day shade, as well as dappled or full shade. I was thinking I could get a few hydrangeas and pot them and move them around to see which spot they like best. Will hydrangeas tolerate living in a pot for a year or two?

Please help!

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Hydrangeas do quite well in pots, so long as the pots are of suitable size. They will require more frequent watering than if they were in the ground, but otherwise, hydrangeas can be kept in pots for years. My guess is you'll find that dappled shade or morning sun will give you the best results in your zone, but you are likely to see some drooping during the heat of the day regardless of where you put them. You are definitely on the hotter end of their preferred range, but I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to get beautiful results. Good luck!

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Actually, hydrangeas grow well in coastal SoCal - the Laguna Beach/San Diego area - which is a zone 10 (they also grow beautifully in Tampa, also a zone 10). Shade in the afternoon is a must and provide plenty of water during the hot summer months.

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