Is anyone operating a Volksgarden??

ellmaniJune 25, 2012

Hi, my name is Isaac and I am interested in purchasing a Volksgarden ( Is anyone growing with this system? I would love the opportunity to see one in action before purchasing one. I live in Connecticut and would be willing to travel to see one in operation. Thank you for your help!

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Are those the systems that slowly spin around a central lamp?
It seems to me there are a lot of parts to break/malfunction in a system such as that.
Unless you're extremely limited on space, a more vertical system would probably serve you better.

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I have both a volksgarden and a vertical system using bato buckets and moving lights. Grizzman is correct, the volksgarden does have an Achilles heel. The motor driving the wheel is prone to failure. I have made some changes to reduce the strain on the motor and it is more dependable but I keep a spare motor on hand just as insurance.

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