Existing bearded iris beds after a spring transplanting

berrysMarch 17, 2010

Hello, What will happen to the irises in an existing bed if I thin them out now. I know that it is better to do this after they have bloomed in August or September and I know any transplants may not bloom this year but the bed looks terrible and it is right beside my door where we come in and out. I live in delaware and I know we may not have had our last frost yet, but now is the only time I will be able to do this. If I protect them from the frost(if we have anymore) will I still get blooms from the existing bed or will I end up killing everything including any transplants. Thanks for any advice.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Not sure I understand.

"...I know any transplants may not bloom this year.. ' CORRECT

"...will I still get blooms from the existing bed..."

Don't understand the second question.

If you dig and replant now there will likely be no spring bloom.

Whether frosts/freezes will kill the replanted beardeds --- not sure. Maybe it depends upon how cold for how long.

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i thinned my beds earlier....you should still be able to thin them...

when i thin a bed i do not dig up the entire bed...
i carefully use my hands and pull up selected plants that i want to move to another bed...while not disturbing the other plants...yep sore hands LOL....

The bed is now blooming that i thinned:)

If you thin it, i would suggest not planting the ones that you pull up until after the last frost...
I brought my extras inside the house, trimmed the leaves back, and stored them in sawdust...

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