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eroctuse2(z5 SE Michigan)March 2, 2009

In my efforts to organize everything before I'm living out in the garden again I stumbled upon these photos that I hadn't uploaded yet.

There are some from the '08 Region 6 Spring Meeting, the '08 Mio Irisarians' Show, the '08 Iris Club of Southeast Michigan Show, and even more from my '08 garden.

I've added their names using photobucket's system, rather than embedded in the image as I have in the past. Some names might be shortened with the ... added, but if you hover your cursor over them the name will pop up. If it doesn't have a name it's a seedling (I'm going to get the sdlg numbers from my records eventually), or I haven't confirmed the identity it came with, or its name is lost altogether.

I think I'll post a few separately, but otherwise you can view them all here.

This backlog of photos seems to be constant and it gets frustrating at times, but I'm almost up-to-date in my edits and uploads. Maybe I'll actually catch up before the garden's blooming. :)


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mshadow(z4 MI)

Thanks Brock! Just found a few more to add to my wish list. Really love "About Last Night." I'm not that crazy about black irises, but this is the first time I saw a black iris with bright yellow-gold beards.


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eroctuse2(z5 SE Michigan)

Glad to hear you enjoyed them Shadow. Isn't ALN neat? Those open standards really show the bright style arms and brilliant yellow beards. had burnt yellow beards, but nothing like ALN.

I only managed very few photos of some varieties because I took them to the show, then gave them to friends. For instance: ; I waited 4 years to see it bloom, cut it the day it opened, and gave it to my old neighbor/best friend/"grandma" after the show. Four years to see it one day then transplant it to the new place. :)

You know, I was actually hooked on irises because of a black iris (I always loved the old purples and violets that grew at my house since I was 1, but they didn't wow me). 'Study In Black' was the first named iris I bought and as far as I can tell it was really 'Superstition'. I'd never seen anything like it and I had to have more. 10+ years later and two that were added from the very beginning still outrank any blacks I've added since: and .

With the exception of the ruffling on and the white spray on , none of the other blacks I grow have stood out. There are more I want to try though.

'Spades', 'Black Suited', 'Raven Girl', 'Midnight Treat', 'Bubble Bubble'; they're all likely to find themselves in my garden eventually and I'm sure there are more on my wish list.


P.S. I almost forgot a historic SA . That was a neat one to have around, but it seems I've lost track of it. With any luck I'll reclaim it when I line out the rest of the old garden this season.

Oh, and I guess is a nice one too. Don't forget either! Apparently I like them more than I thought I did. :)

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Saw them all! Thank you Brock. I'm always impressed by the color capture of your camera. Plus the good eye in shooting and cropping.

Also love seeing a portion of a clump. So often I'd fall in love with a picture of a single bloom and then see the clump and change my mind. Or yawn at a pic & then see the clump and go Wowo.

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eroctuse2(z5 SE Michigan)

Thank-you for your kind words iris_gal.

Unless a person has taken the images, selected the best, cropped, edited (tweaking levels, removing dirt spots, tears, and every sort of distraction you can imagine), resized, and uploaded photos by the hundreds it's hard to know all the work that goes into it. I'm constantly reigning myself in when I think of all the work I'll have to do if I keep taking photos. I am thankful that you appreciate them. It wouldn't feel so worthwhile if people weren't actually having a good time because of them. :)

Thank-you as well, nzirishunter, for the link. I always enjoy your articles/posts. I'm not sure what they're called because I'm not in on the blogging scene, but whatever they're called you sure know how to make them interesting and beautiful.


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