I'm very very serious and need help...

solitaryman81(6)June 28, 2011

I want to start an indoor farm in my 6 cars aluminum garage, and have done tons of web research. Hydroponic/Aquaponic is what I'll be doing.

The produce, I'll grow are: tomatoes, bell peppers, green onions and lettuce. I got green onion and lettuce figured out.

The problem I ran into is not the set up, I think I got the schematic down, except for lighting. I live (Northern Michigan) we tend to have harsh winters and I want to establish a system that can operate all year round. That's my problem Number 1. My second problem is lighting, since all will be indoor. What lighting is best for each stage?

I think I broke it down into three phase, for the tomato and bell peppers.

1. Seedling to Sprout

2. Sprout to Bulbs

3. Bulbs to Harvest

Your expertise is truly appreciated.

Thank you

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Heres the best lighting in my opinion:

Seedlings = Flourescent or Metal Halide

Vegetative State = Metal Halide

Flowering State = High Pressure Sodium

To give you an idea of what an average HPS bulb will cover in square feet, if you were to get a 400watt light it would cover roughly a 4 sqft x 4 sqft range or approximately 16 square feet total.

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ethnobotnay, thank you for your prompt reply. Where can I get these equipments beside online retailers?

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