Tomatoes growing hydroponically (pics)

javan(9b n. coastalCA)June 10, 2007

Here are a few pictures of tomato plants growing hydroponically in my greenhouse. You can see the growing medium in the second photo. The tomatoes are the variety "Crystal" which is an F1 hybrid from Thompson and Morgan seed co.

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denalilofts(5 AK)

Hey there great looking plants. What are you system specifications? Looks like a home made system. I have some tomato plants growing in a sun room under artificial lights but they donÂt look as bushy as yours. Having any problems with pollination?

Phil in Alaska

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javan(9b n. coastalCA)

This was a purchased system, Phil. It had the name of "baby bloomer" I believe. It consists of a lower tub which holds 3 gallons of water, and an upper tub which holds the 10 pots with clay pellets in them. Then there is the pump (on a timer). It was a system we bought for my father and mother in law. They used it for several years, then gave it back to us to use. It is set in a harbor freight greenhouse in natural light. I try to shake the tomato plants on a daily basis to encourage pollination. It has worked very well for a number of years with one replacement of the pump, and one of the timer. How many hours of daylight at this point where you live, Phil? All the best, Jim

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denalilofts(5 AK)

As of today 4:21am sunrise and 11:41pm sunset. But this time of year it doesn't get totally dark. I actually have a baby boomer. In fact I just got it out and was getting ready to get it going. I have resorted to growing indoors. To many disapointing summers without enought heat and well summer. I hope to build a greenhouse this fall or next spring.

Phil in Alaska

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denalilofts(5 AK)

What is your flood and drain cycle in a 24 hour period with these guys? Have you changed the cycle as the plants have grown? Getting ready to crank up my little bloomer and can't find the directions.

Phil in Alaska

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poolboy101(TX, 9)

where did you get this I was wanting to buy one. It would my first tom for hydroponics.

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javan(9b n. coastalCA)

Phil, my flood and drain cycle slowly increases as the plants get larger. I've started with a 10 or 15 minute flood and drain every three or four hours (more time in daytime) to begin. Now it is 35-40 minutes every 3 hours except in the late afternoon when I throw in one extra 30 minute fill and drain. I have to add water to the basin daily since it uses quite a bit of water in the greenhouse as the plants get larger. I use the General Hydroponics liquid fertilizers, and occasionally throw in some extra bloom formula powder fertilizer. I've been very satisfied with the baby bloomer setup.
Poolboy, if you google "baby bloomer hydroponic" you will see quite a number of online sources for purchase. If you live near a hydroponic store, they may well have it in stock (or something similar.) Let us know what you find. I just picked my first tomatoes from this year's crop a few days ago. Yum! All the best, Jim

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javan(9b n. coastalCA)

Here is the same set of plants one month after the original pictures. I've been grazing on the smaller ones recently, but larger ones are coming soon. Varieties are Sugary (small) and Crystal (larger). All the best, Jim

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Those are some serious tomatoes. I am currently working on a Ebb/Flow system for a 40 acre lot for my tomatoes and herbs. My lettuce is going to beon a NFT system. Havent built it yet but I am in the process. I am in Puerto Rico now, used to be in Miami so the Temp is still the same all yr round. This is going to bemy first Hydroponic Garden. I hope they turn out as nice as yours.


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