water culture system!!!!

smelly12(ny)June 14, 2004


I recently purchased general hydroponics 3 part flora series hydroponic fertilizer and incorporated it into my home made water culture system. The system consist of a 10 gallon aquarium with a piece of styro foam floating on the top cut to fit 2 netpots filled with hydro rocks in the center. There is also a large air rock siting on the bottom of the tank filling the net pots with oxygen. I purchased the nutrients at a local hydroponics store and the man there told me that he has never heard of a water culture system and that most plants (especailly producing plants) cant grow in water like that because they would rot due to lack of oxygen. He said the the air rock is not really supplying any oxygen to the water. He then recomended that I turn my system into a aeroponics tank if I wanted to see any real results. He said the system im using is no better then soil. I would like an expert opinion on this and any help would be greatly appreciatted.

Thank You

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Please provide me information how to grow lettuce ( Romaine or Iceberg) using hydrosol method. The weather here in the Philippines has a temperature range of 70 to 96 degree Farenhiet, humidity range of 75 to 99%, very sunny and hot during 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and rains a lot during May to October months. There are available containers like plastic box or pots and fertilizers. I need to plant just enough for daily salad food for not more than 5 people.

Thank you.

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Why you would listen to a salesman in a hydro store about what works for hydro is beyond me. Consider what he is selling........

Where does he suggest the oxygen goes, to the stones on the bottom? Air from the airstone dissolves in the water first.

Cornell produces mega-lettuce for commercial markets with a variant of the system you describe.

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Here is a system similar to yours:

University of Florida:


Other lettuce sites:

Colorado State using Rockwool & coir:




Cornell growing handbooks for lettuce spinach, pak choi:


Click on the book pictures, then click on the table of contents & you will find the text.

Information on HydroSol is found in the Cornell lettuce manual on a nutrient link.


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