Iris bulbs sprouting too soon?

sandij_gardener(5)March 19, 2010

Hi there, I'm in Toronto Canada and it's not time yet to plant bulbs. I bought a bag of iris bulbs from Costo, 50 Discovery and 50 Mount Everest. I just looked at the back of the bag and through the window, I can see almost all bulbs have a 1/2" pale yellowish green sprout. How can I slow them down? I've stored them in the cool basement until now.

I've pot planted my Dahlia bulbs for transplanting later. Should I do the same with these? I've got 100 bulbs!!:EEK: I don't want the iris plants to get straggly, which so often happens if planted too soon in pots before planting into the garden. Our normal outdoor planting weekend is May 24 so there's still 8 weeks to go.

Any suggestions? Should I slow them down, and if so, how? thanks for any help.

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I should clarify: these are NOT iris rhizomes but rather Dutch Iris bulbs. Tks.

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Maybe it's different in Ontario, but I thought the time to plant Dutch iris bulbs was in the fall.


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With all my investigating on the internet, I was starting to come to the same conclusion, Keith. Funny how a lot of sites tell you how to plant but not WHEN to plant.

I guess I might as well just plunk them into the ground here right now at the house and not wait for cottage time in May. I don't want to take a chance on losing 100 bulbs.

Thanks for the reply.

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