Sansho top leaves yellowing??

tetsuma(7)June 23, 2013

Hi all.

West Crest Washington State Cascades
1,000 feet elevation
in rain zone of Mt. Baker Volcano

4 weeks ago I transplanted seedlings from starter pots to the ground. I've noticed the younger, top leaves are starting to yellow a tiny bit.

3 x Sansho and 2 x Szechuan/Simulans. The Sansho are 6-8" tall while the Simulans are 12"+ tall. The yellowing is more pronounced with the Sansho.

I'm not sure whether this is transplant shock of a fertilizer problem. Soil is Douglas Fir forest.. not great, but decent - some clay, some mineral soil, some organic.

Weather: It's been mostly mix of rain/overcast/and some sun the past month. Drainage is good and plants are mulched with pine straw and bark. Soil is slightly acidic. Rhody's like it.

Last year, I had three seedlings which I kept in larger pots until September, when I put them in the ground. They were fine for a month after planting (and did fine in the pots), and then yellowed their leaves, dropped them, and the plants died. I think I planted them too late and/or they couldn't tolerate the winter rainfall.

So, I planted this batch right when I got them from the nursery. Really want them to thrive... any suggestions??

Thank you!


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