ph adjust in a single DWC without lifting the plant up

jackblastoJune 8, 2014

Is there any way to adjust the ph of a single bucket deep water culture without lifting the plant up and stirring the nutrient mix? I'm asking because my tomato plants are rather large and can break at this point. Every time I do a lift I cross my fingers nothing is going to go bad. I drilled a small hole next to where the airline goes in so I can pull out a sample to ph and ppm test and that works nicely BUT I am a little perplexed on adjusting the ph through a tiny hole? I mean the solution isn't mixing around via pump in there... it is bubbling from an air stone... soooooo, if I just drop some ph up in there does it really dissolve properly??? Wondering if anyone out there has some ingenious ideas? I was told to top off by watering the plant through the top overtop my pebbles... well, I would think dumping a ph adjuster in through the top goes absolutely nowhere and would just sit in the pebbles and become totally useless. I also thought using a syringe to shoot it into the bucket via the hole I drilled would be effective BUT then I run into problems with how does it mix nicely with the nutrient mix if I just dump a few mL of ph up on top and don't really stir it? Any thoughts?

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I would fit a tank connector to the dwc bucket and a second bucket the same size. When it comes to adjustments or nutrient changes, link the buckets with hose and raise the dwc so the water drains into the empty bucket. Make the adjustment or nute change and raise the bucket to refill the dwc.
Using john guest pushfit tank connectors will allow you to unplug the 2nd bucket with a minimum amount of fuss if required. If the connecting hose is clear it can double as a water level indicator / water topup port. Fit a pipe clip to the top of the dwc bucket to keep the hose upright.

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Are you using liquid ph adjuster? I would think that the mixing action from an airstone would cause enough agitation to mix two liquids together. You might have to give it a bit time before you can check it accurately. I have a level indicator hose and I use that to drain water, check nutrients, adjust ph and put the air into my buckets. ( rons bubble buckets on youtube ) I just put a bit of ph down into the indicator hose, reattach the air line and check it later.

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Thanks for both responses. Both are great ideas. Thanks for also pointing out that air stone agitation would mix it over time. I will add a little and wait a few hours. Thanks again for your insight.

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