Moving/ Relocating my Syberians

flowerbrackob(z4 WI)March 25, 2009

Landlord decided to build a new garage on top of 5 yrs. growth and beautiful blooms of my Syberian Iris. It'll be a traumatic day digging them up. They are very happy in a rather moist soil with not a lot of sun but: catl's show they will be ok in all of the sun's phases?????? When do I do the damages? It's still been freezing at nite and the highs are right around mid-forties or less right now. The tulips and daffies are just peeking thru. HELP SAVE MY BEAUTIES PLEASE. Smiles, Jaemy

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Hi Jaemy,

That's a different spelling. My grandsons name is Jamie :)

The best time to move sibs if you have to move them in spring, is when they are up about 3-4 inches. So not quite yet. Hopefully you can wait a couple of more weeks. But if you have to move them now, they should survive.

It'll be a good time to divide them too. Divide them into clumps of at least 5-6 fans.

They will be fine in up to full sun in your area.

Keep them really well watered all the spring and summer after you transplant them, and no fertilizer until you see new growth, then use a liquid fertilizer. No granular the first year.

Good luck. How rude of that landlord, LOL.

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