Q about root development in forced dutch irises

naeelah(7)March 3, 2012

Hello, I have a beginner question. I used to grow bulbs outdoors all the time. I no longer have a yard, so, I'm trying my hand at forcing bulbs.

On President's day (so, almost 2 weeks ago) I planted a Peruvian daffodil, a daylily, and some Dutch irises. I was just checking them for roots -- the daylily is actually already growing leaves, so it's good. The Peruvian daffodil is putting out some healthy roots, so it seems well on its way.

The irises though, of course, are in cold storage. One of the bulbs seemed to have a couple of thin root tendrils, but otherwise, there is no sign of development.

Is this on target? I've never grown irises indoors or dealt with cold storage before, so I don't know exactly when things happen. I understand that these bulbs need at least 12 weeks in storage -- and by that time, the roots should be developed.

Should there be any roots after only 2 weeks? (I just want to ask now, rather than wait another 2 weeks and see, so that I can start over with fresh bulbs if these are duds.)

Thanks for your help!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I'm confused. Are the Dutch iris in soil or water?

What cold storage do you mean? Refrigerator?

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They are in soil, in the refrigerator.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I would not keep the Dutch iris in the refrigerator any longer. They are a bulb which does not need winter chill - refrigeration will only retard their growth.

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Really? I've read a lot of guides saying they need a chilled period. Well, I'll pull them out and see what happens! Thanks.

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