LimeLight Hydrangeas - Can they be kept thinner/shorter?

klynnedesignsJuly 5, 2010

I just got some limelight hydrangeas to plant on the side of my house. They're not returnable, so I'm sort of stuck with them even if they don't work out :).

I planted them along the side of my house to hide an ugly concrete wall. I do have the room for them to get 6 feet wide, but if they get up to 9 feet tall - I'd have a problem since that is nearly my roof height :).

We have a vinyl fence w/gate that will be covered from street view if they grow to be 6 feet wide so I would like to keep them more in the 4 - 5 foot range.

Is pruning these something that can be done relatively simply to keep them a bit smaller or will I end up having to move these in a year because they've taken over the house? :)

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It is do-able. If you cut them down to the ground in the Fall (some people prefer not to see the sticks all winter long) or Spring, this will keep them slightly on the smaller side. If you find they are still reaching over the 6 ft. mark (wouldn't be for years and years though) you could always prune a foot off in the Summer. You'd be sacrificing blooms of course, but only from the very top--not that big of a deal really. So, is it ideal? Not ideal, but if you're willing to put in a bit more time to trim them up there's no reason why you couldn't shorten them up. Having the room for them width wise (which you have) is more important IMO because Summer pruning to control size would mean losing lots of those beautiful blooms.

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ostrich(3a AB)

I must say that no matter how I prune my Limelight, it will bounce back to this giant size! LOL! I think you may be just a little tight there for a Limelight.... how about that new dwarf version, Little Lime?

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