Need a hand - Lamp performance for Summer Crisp lettuce

ShadowPTJuly 27, 2014

I am trying to find out if one fluorescent lamp will be enough to grow Summer Crisp lettuce in a specific system.

The lamp in question is this one:
FQ8086S on the bottom of the linked page: T5HO 80w - 5700 Lumens - 6500k - 1449mm or 57" long T5HO details

The setup is just like the carrousel wheels type (Gi grow, Omega Garden, Bonzai Wheel, etc.), but with the above mentioned lamp - just one - instead of the typical lamps.

The diameter of the wheel will be 1m/3ft by the lamp lenght of 1.4m/4.6ft (and there will be 105 heads of lettuce (15 around times 7 tall spaced in 20cm or 8") with the lamp in the middle of the wheel.

This means that when the lettuce is small (although I am thinking on making the system in a way that I can get the lettuce closer or further from the center manually) the light will be at about 50cm/1.6ft and when they are fully grown it wil be at about 30cm/1ft.

My problem is that I don't know if that one light will be enough for growing the lettuce, I am unable to "calculate" the needs for that system in order to understand if it will be enough or if the diameter is too big, or if it will need more light.

Basically I want to know if that lamp will be sufficient for that production, if it won't be then how smaller the diameter needs to be or how many more lamps are needed in order to become sufficient to grow lettuce.

I appreciate anyone that gives me a hand with this, I have been trying to find this by myself for the past month, but no luck, everything is confusing and never very well explained - lux, PAR, etc.

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In my experience, the T5 High Output lights work well, but are meant to be placed as close to the plants as possible (within a few inches). With your intended application, you would be much better of using a HID (Metal Halide) light. You will bet much better light travel and penetration than using the fluorescents. Just my 2 cents :)

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Thanks for replying. I had already considered using the traditional light systems, but this is intended to be a modular setup, there will be dozens of these in use in a compact area which will become very expensive (both in purchase and electricity costs) if I run such powerful lights on top of the needed ventilation systems for each one.

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