Iris for Daylily Garden?

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)March 28, 2009

Last year I put in a new garden bed which is a daylily garden. I left space to plant some other things between but last year just put some annuals as I was not ready to get anything perment between them. Was thinking of maybe bulb lilies but this is not the best arrangement for them in my opinion. Iris would be perfect but I knew I could not do TB as the garden is heavily mulched and they (TB) would not like those tubers totally covered.

Now I realise (duh, the light bulb goes off!) that my thinking was too narrow. What if I planted Siberian and that new (to me I just heard of it today) Spuria Iris between the daylilies? It seems to me that any Iris should work as long as its the type that you bury the root and not plant on top like TB. Am I right or is there a flaw in my thinking?

I have some Siberian here for years and years, I love the folliage and would love more. I just never thought about what sorts of roots they have, they are easy to plant and grow.

Years ago over at another house I also had Japanese Iris. I loved them but it was so long ago that I do not remember much about them. I think they like lots of watering. I can not remember when they bloomed compaired to bearded iris. Are the Japanese Iris ones that would do well in heavy mulch?

Lots of questions but lots of new Ideas in my head for that just daylily garden. I really do not want to plant annuals there every year, I just did that last year as a filler. I want to be able to plant that garden so that it needs not much fuss (I do water) and also add spring flowering bulbs but I have not gotten to them yet either.

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I have Japanese Iris and Spuria and daylilies all in the same garden. They will do fine. BEV

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I live in a similar zone as yours. I got a box of reblooming iris from Sam's Club named 'Hemstitched' & 'Feedback'. I planted them in the fall, and the very next spring I got blooms! They bloom very well spring and fall for me. They have been increasing vigorously, too. I really have enjoyed them!

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OOps - that was supposed to be a reply to you reblooming iris post!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Thats ok, it works just as well here. I know years ago I did buy some bagged Iris in Franks (now out of business) from a display of rebloomers. I never did get rebloom and the iris eventually dies out. Oh, well. I know more know than then about what bearded iris prefer and how to grow them.

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I grow mine around daylilies, but I just make sure the iris are not mulched over their rhizomes. I'm a total iris newbie, and all my other iris took several years to bloom, and most of my rebloomers haven't bloomed yet, or just a single bloom. That's why I was so amazed at "Hemstitched" and "Feedback", they bloomed a lot right off & rebloomed well, plus as I said increased rapidly.

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