Diary of growing Honey Dew Melon via Hydroponics

chowacJuly 12, 2013

Hey guys, just a question, i found some white mucus stuff lying around on one of my japanese honey dew melons pot. Just want to know if thats a kind of the root rotting issue that can be solved by lowering the pH (My pH went from greenish yellow (6) to green (7)) and add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into the system?

I currently have a system set up thats similar to a drip irrigation system, with a tank of nutrients solution of around 4-5 litres.

I suspect 1 - 3 drops of 3% Hydrogen Peroixde will do the job?

Please help! If you are interested in following my process, please do visit my google+ @ andrew.ch.chow@gmail.com

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What temperature are you keeping your nutrient and root zone at? Ambient? Are you aerating the nutrient solution.

I would hit it with some H2O2 for now and then consider creating an environment that doesn't encourage root funk.

You can try a few things long term to increase root health.

Keep an aerobic environment by keeping nutrient cool and aerated. 70 degrees F is ideal.

Use a beneficial bacteria such as hydroshield or general hydroponics subculture-b to encourage good bugs and discourage bad bugs.

Good luck!

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That could be caused by an insect.

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