What time of year should I plant ES Hydrangeas?

lynseybJuly 20, 2010

Hello! I am completely new to this forum and to gardening! We recently purchased a new home, which of course has no landscaping. This leaves my options wide open as to what I should do with the space!

I'd like to start in my backyard, which gets morning sun and then shade in the late afternoon. My favorite shrub in the hydrangea, and I'd like to plant some Endless Summers in the backyard along the house. I see that some are still available for sale in stores and they look lovely. My question is, can I plant them now (90 degree+ July), or should I wait until fall (Aug/Sept), or should I wait until spring? ANY ADVICE IS WELCOME AND APPRECIATED!

I can't quite figure out how to post pictures here, or else I would show a picture of the house, sorry! :/

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If you can keep them watered you can plant them now.

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sue36(Z5 Maine)

I agree. In your climate you might also want to consider other blue hydrangeas, such as Nikkos. I prefer Nikkos, but they do not relaibly bloom here.

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Thanks so much for your input! I can definitely keep them watered now. I've thought about other types of hydrangeas, but I'm really attracted to Endless Summer because I want to have blooms each year!

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