6-foot full sun japanese maple

TownhouseGardner(z5)June 1, 2005

Am looking for a Japanese maple that fits the following bill: 1) can be kept at 5 to 10 feet tall; 2) will take full sun from sunup til 2 p.m. in May, June and July (with less sun in August and only about 2 hours by December-January); 3) can survive in Zone 5 winters, in a protected area, in the corner of a 6-foot fence, on the north side of a townhouse, getting north and east sun AND 4) will brighten up a dark patio, so am trying to avoid very dark, large leafed maples like the Bloodgood, although I like the dissected burgundy-colored maples. I also like the Gold FullMoon maple, but am told I get too much sun for it to survive. Do you agree? Suggestions please!

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I am not sure about your climate extremes, but you have experts in your backyard. Call Chicago Botanical Garden and ask for their Senior Horticulturist. First decide whether you want a light background to frame a dark leaved maple, or provide a contrasting background to compliment a green maple. The disect maples are hard to resist! Buy an inexpensive reed or bamboo shade to experiment with your background. Please post your results!

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nachodaddy(quiet, I’m trying to meditate!)

Check out Mountain maples at:


Find the "tree finder" link and play with the drop downs.

Personally I like "TAMUKEYAMA" when I gotta worry about too much sun and I want a dark divided leaf shape. I had one in Redding, CA. for years and it got into the 120s quite frequently. Never burnt.


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Michael, impressive variety. What are your humidity extremes during this high temp?

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nachodaddy(quiet, I’m trying to meditate!)


Not in Redding anymore..... Not very humid in the North Valley. Not like your neck of the woods. A favorite saying about the weather was "it's 120 degrees but it a dry heat...." I could care less, it was hot!!!!

Here is a link to a website that recommends Japanese Maples for hot areas in California. Not sure about high humidity. This list worked for me but your results may vary........



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Thanks, Michael

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