Airstone for 60 gal reservoir

robert_1943July 31, 2014

I have been using airstones in all of my DWC with great success, but never in 30 years have I ever used one in my 200 litre reservoir on my ebb and flow system.
With my Kratky method where I do not use any electricity my lettuces are doing very well .
I have good success but not great success with my ebb and flow except tomatos that seem to do very well.
I planted some Kale in my ebb and flow using the correct PH and EC for optimum growth, I gave some seedlings to my son who planted in his soil garden and they just rocketed in growth. Any idea what I should do and if you think an airstone is the way to go what size what you suggest

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I consider an air stone to be an essential addition to any reservoir.
The best air stone you can buy is a ceramic one made by Deep Water Innovations. These stones create very tiny bubbles, resulting in much better aeration than a standard air stone. These air stones are also reusable unlike cheaper stones.

The air pump should be an adequate size to properly aerate the water. I would recommend a pump such as the Elemental 571 GPH o2 pump. It is about $30 at the local hydro shop.

If you want to go the cheapest route, a 3" cylinder air stone costs $3 at my local store. These should be replaced after each harvest.

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Thanks DrKnow I have been doing ebb and flow for over 40 years and have had reasonable growth, but not until I got into DWC in the last year did I see a huge difference in growth. I am going out this morning to my hydro shop to get a pump and airstone to get a move on.

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