Autumn Moon Animal Damage

tabbiekat(6 IL)June 29, 2012

I am so upset that I could cry :(

My new baby Autumn Moon Maple, that I just received this spring and potted up was "pruned" by some critter. Before this happened the tree had about 16 leaves on it and now I am left with 2! I had been meaning to build some chicken wire cages but did not get to it. We are in the middle of a heat wave and the temperature was 106 today! Every evening I go out and water and check on my plants. Well, my Autumn Moon is in a pot sitting under a Bloodgood Maple. It has been doing wonderful and seems to like it's location. Ughhhhh...I really should have built those cages.

Before the damage

After Damage

I brought it in tonight and put it in the pantry to keep it safe from the critters both inside and

I really hope my baby tree can recover from this damage. Any tips or suggestions will be much appreciated!!

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H.Coronatus(All under one roof.)

those look deliberate. I hate to say that but from what you posted it looks as if some one has taken cuttings from that(looks to be about 45 degree cuts). Did you see the animal?

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