Dougie1954July 13, 2014

When growing with an Ebb and Flow system, should the plants roots be allowed to grow through the medium into the nutrient reservoir. As this will eventually block the pump.
If not, then how do you prevent it from happening without putting the plant into shock ?

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Im not sure what ebb and flow system you are referring to, but most have a res placed underneath a tray which holds the medium. Sometimes the medium is in pots in the tray, or the medium just fills the tray. There is no way roots can grow through the tray and into the res. Let me know if this helps.

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The system I am using has a tray which is filled with the medium, and the roots are growing through the drain-holes in the bottom of that tray.

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So you have many drain holes? I wouldnâÂÂt worry till water starts back up.

Easiest fix would be to add an extra/larger overflow tube. A ý tube+rubber rubber garment in the side of your ebb and flow (just above or even with the medium (or water level up to you)) tray leading to the res should do.

/edit meh, I misunderstood but maybe i was helpful maybe not.

Best I can come up with is start a 2nd res just for the pump and connect the two with a tube/garment

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