GH Rainforest woes

RandseedJuly 3, 2013

I have a General Hydroponics Rainforest system that I'm trying to grow tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in. I'm germinating the seeds in Root Riot cubes, then transplanting them into the Rainforest. I have two sets of inserts for the Rainforest: one which uses 2 inch net pots, and one which uses much larger ones.

I figure that I can get away with using smaller pots since the roots will grow out of the net pots and down into the solution anyway. Is this a bad idea? Should I just be using the much larger pots?

I'm putting the cubes in the pot, then kind of anchoring it with Hydroton pellets. If I don't do this, then I have a relatively huge air gap between the pots and the cubes.

Second, my cubes seem to become water-logged. I've had some problems with damping off because of this. I don't see a realistic way to address this, though. One thing I have done is set the Rainforest so that the pump goes off for the six hours or so that the light is off, and this does seem to be a bit better.

I guess this is ultimately the question: How am I *supposed* to be germinating seeds then placing them in the Rainforest?

Also, is there a good organic fungicide that I should be using? Because herbs are involved my options are more limited than with just vegetables.

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I am not familar with a rainforest system but, in general, 2" net pots are all you need for the reason you stated.
Damping off is a common problem discussed with rockwool. Basically you're keeping the cube too wet and that is killing the plant before they get established. two solutions are keep them out of the main system until the roots are better developed (i.e. more roots are coming out of the cube and/ or more true leaves off the top) or don't use rockwool at all.
If the system can keep the hydroton damp, simply germinate the seed in a damp paper towel or by your other favorite method and transplant them directly into the hydroton. Tweezers helps a lot with that process.

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Thanks for the response. What you suggested seems to be working!

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