Time of day, season of year?

adoptedbygreyhounds(8a)July 27, 2007

What time of day do you most enjoy visiting your garden?

What season is the most satisfying?

Early morning is my favorite time. As soon as my children were old enough to get themselves dressed for school, I used to enjoy taking my mug of coffee and walking back to the garden, not to do any work, but just to look for new growth, listen to birds, observe progress, make mental notes on chores to be done, and to enjoy the dewy freshness.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I like the early morning the best also. So do my cats. They follow me around darting in and out of the shrubs. Just when it's getting light is the time when the garden is simplified with the lack of color. It makes design decisions much easier.

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Awsome photographs, simply stunning! I clicked on the link and checked out the entire album. Thank you for sharing these.

Here is what is amazing. I visited the University of Seattle with one of my daughters who was considering grad school there. While she was in meetings, I walked from hotel on Roosevelt down to the Japanese garden (3 or 4 miles) only to discover it was closed on Mondays - aarrgh! So I walked through the Arboretum, a beautiful, inspiring place. As I was looking through your album, I was thinking how much it reminds me of the Arboretum and then I looked back to see where you live. Small world!

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