Will my irises blooms this spring?

april_wine(z7 Tennessee)March 9, 2013

I came home today and my husband cut all my irises in a bed down to about 4 inches! He was cutting back ornamental grasses at end of this bed and thought he was doing a good thing! My irises usually bloom in mid April. None had buds yet. Think there may be a chance they will still bloom this spring?

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

The will make new leaves and should flower fine. A good Iris Fertalizer would help but not necessary. I give mine a good feed of Bone meal and Azomite every spring.

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april_wine(z7 Tennessee)

I have been ready good things about bone meal, I may try some around my irises. Thanks aquawise!

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Thank goodness he did it now and not a little later in the season. Another couple of weeks and he might have decapitated the bloom stalks among the leaves. My guess would be that aquawise is correct. Your iris will probably bloom. They may, however, be a little later than usual.


PS: In the wake of this near tragedy, you did have a conversation with your well-intentioned but misguided DH, did you not?

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april_wine(z7 Tennessee)

The irises didn't have bloom stalks, so I am hopeful that they will bloom. And no, Onederw, I didn't give him too much grief about cutting them back. I do appreciate that he "helps" me get some of my beds cleaned up for Spring! :)

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