Mosquitofish question

adoptedbygreyhounds(8a)July 27, 2007

The mosquitoes in Atlanta drive me inside every June. I can walk from house to car and get 6 bites, no exaggeration. I hate using Deet, do it occasionally as a last resort, but would prefer to find a more environmentally friendly solution.. I read that mosquitofish are a good "green" solution and wonder if anyone has seen a decrease in the #@%?X!! vermin with mosquitofish.


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Liz: trust me if this worked I would carry a bowl of water with one of these in it everywhere I went, and a bat and a flock of swallows. My sister in law swears by mayonnaise, when she ventures out she smears this environmentally friendly substance on her face and arms, when she comes back you can see the "#@%?X!! vermin" stuck at the point of entry which is not a pretty sight.

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My home sits on a quarry/pond. The architect had put mosquito fish in, and I get next to NO bites all year in the area of the pond. However, near my front door I put a small recirculating water feature in a year ago, and I see mozzies there all the time.

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