Tomato Seedlings Stems are thin and brown

ShancrosJuly 18, 2013

Hi guys!! I'm new here! I'm starting my first hydroponic grow ever. I started with 2 tomato plants, 1 salad bowl lettuce and a jalapeno. I just started this hobby and hope to have fun with and maybe have some fresh veggies to enjoy!

My concerns are about my tomatoes. I planted these on July 2. They took a long time to develop leaves at first and didn't grow. By 7-12, I realized that I might have underestimated the light they needed so I moved the light a little closer and out of a little impatience, I put a extremely small smidgen of FN Grow in a gallon of water (like,I coated a fork and then stirred it in the water,only that much!). They then grew a little taller and leaves started to develop almost overnight! There is root now coming out of the rockwool.

However, I wonder if I've done more harm then good. The stem seems a little thin for its size and the color is brown. Also,the underside of the leaves are purple. Have I messed up? If something is wrong, can it be corrected? Or am I really just paranoid and that's how they should

The 1 on the left (actually 2,I somehow put another seed in another hole in the same cube, will take weaker 1 out or try to gently separate when transplanting to my DWC system) is an Abe Lincoln and the other 1 on the right is a Better Bush

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Purple on the bottom of the leaves is normally, I believe, indicative of a pottassium deficiency (maybe phosphorus).
Those baby plants don't look bad. if roots are coming out the bottom, you need to get them into their final resting place. Also, make sure they get lots of light less then get leggy. right now, they look fine.

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