hydroponic crops

playgroundarchitectJuly 12, 2008

does anyone have any idea how i can get a copy of how long certain hydroponic crops grow? like if lettuce takes about 3 weeks, how long does it take tomatoes to grow. thanks!

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

Google them. There isn't much difference in time between dirt and hydro, except . . . nutrient enhancements may stimulate earlier blooming/fruiting, although I never found much difference.

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My personal experience is that if you don't follow a strict feeding schedule it can take longer to get a harvest from hydro. I had peppers take months to start producing thanks to my overfeeding with nitrogen. Then, when I did get fruit, the peppers took forever to start to ripen. My peppers of the same seed packet in the ground started ripening before my hydro started producing, but the harvest was half the amount. I would say that it depends very much on how you do it. It also will vary depending on your lighting, temperatures, and if you are doing it outside this can all be dependent on the time of year you start. It also depends on whether you are starting with seed or vegetative propagation (cloning). Sorry to be so nonspecific, but many people have expectations based on numbers that are dependent on many variables and don't pay attention to the many variables. Your best source of info is your own notes as you go along.

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I totally agree mate. The very best way to learn is to get in there and do it. When you do things for your self you learn so much more and remember so much more. Once you do it everything makes much more sense.

You'll never have a super dooper fantastic crop the first time although I'd expect you'll be happy with the results.

And remember to have fun.



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As a general rule you can grow most crops in hydroponics in about 75% the time it takes to grow in dirt. Of course that's generalized and it assumes things go well and nothing sets you back.

The "grow it and see" method is the only way to be sure. I'm particularly fond of it because the lack of a concrete plan helps me to relax.

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chuck(Z10,SW FL)

playgroundarchitect, are you growing in the phillipines? I would think that you would probably have faster growing there, somewhat simular to what I have here in Florida. Are you setting up outside in the open? I ask because lots of rain can cause problems. Here, I had lots of rain recently, and there were some problems. Are you going to use coconut husk as a growing medium? I guess they call it coir, or something simular. When I lived on Guam, I wanted to try and use talapia tanks for suppling nutrients, but I could not get permission from the government to try it out. Now, I don't have the room or money. If you have time, send some information on your system. My wife's father is somewhere in Bicol prov. chuck

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chuck(Z10,SW FL)

playgroundarchitect, maybe the link below will be what you are looking for regarding various growth times for a large variety of crops. The information is from university of florida. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/vh021

Here is a link that might be useful: to crop charts

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That's a great link chuck, how do you find all this stuff?

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