Pruning question for Pinky Winky

steveinjersey(7)July 3, 2011


I'm new to Hydrangeas, and need some advice on pruning "Pinky Winky", which I just bought.

The tag says to "prune two-thirds the way to the ground" in late winter or early spring. Does that mean to take off 1/3 of the growth or take off 2/3 of the growth?



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Happy 4th Steve. I would interpret that to mean "prune the ends of the stems by 1/3 during winter or spring (before it has leafed out)".

But pruning is not necessary with hydrangeas unless you have dried out wood or some type of problem. The pruning information is given as a recommendation.

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Thanks. This is planted at the corner of my porch, so it will need some pruning eventually.

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