Transplanting iris that had been neglected for 6 yrs or more!!

Prettypetals_GA_7-8March 25, 2012

Hi, I have dug up some iris that have been neglected for more than six years and was told they rarely bloom and when they do its only purple. So if I transplant them and seperate them will they bloom again and if so only bloom purple or will they hopefully bloom their original color? I know she had tons of different colors so hoping they will bloom their original colors. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Judy

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

It's possible there are different colors still there. Usually the dominant purple irises crowd out the other colors and they die, but there may still be some. They may not bloom this year, since they were disturbed in Spring, but you should see blooms by next year.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

as far as i know.. no plant can change colors .. when you root divide ... each part of the root is the same plant ...

it is what it is.. it cant become something else ...

unless there is some exception for iris ...

now.. if seed fell in there.. purple might become dominant.. but that is seed issue.. rather than root division ...

just plant them like veggies .. line them out .. and when they bloom .. perhaps next year ... pick the ones to keep.. and cull out the duplicates .. or the colors you dont want..

its all speculation.. until you get them into sun.. and get them to bloom ...


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Nancy zone 6

I did the exact same thing about 5 years ago, there were about 3 layers of iris in that bed. I had started out with about 7 or 8 varieties or so, plus a few yellow, purple, & pink heirlooms. Sent out a lot for postage at the time, but still kept a lot, hoping to get some of my favorites back. It took the 2nd year for most of them to bloom. About 75% of what I kept turned out to be the yellow & pink heirlooms, but I did get a few each of the original named varieties back, at least most of them. I got one plant of Tea Leaves which didn't bloom til year before last, & one of Peach Jam bloomed last year. I was surprised at those.

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Thanks everyone!! I was hoping to replant them and hope for the best. I have heard so many people say they revert back to another color but I don't have a clue. lol! I was reading another post about cutting out the middle or something like that so going to go reread that post and hopefully get them in a good sunny spot this week. Thanks for helping me out!! Judy

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

They do not revert!! Some Iris are more vigerous than others and when planted together one will crowd the other/others out.
Thus making it appear as though they changes colors. hope this helps!

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Thanks! So hopefully they will bloom next year and I will have some pretty iris to post!!

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