Oversized Cherry Tomatoes

CowggoddJuly 11, 2012

Hey everyone!

I have used this site a few times for reference and to get some good info on all kinds of growing tips but never signed up until now. I am not 100% sure what I am doing still to be honest but I had some awesome success with some "cherry" tomatoes and figured I'd share it. Maybe it will help someone as I got help! In any case here is my newest youtube video of my current setup.


It isn't the best video but you can see how HUGE the cherry tomatoes have gotten. At first I thought maybe I was sold the wrong seeds but I used seeds from the same packet in a couple soil containers and although they produced quite a few tomatoes they were only about a third of the size as these ones! I am really curious how well some full size tomatoes would do in this type of system.

If you have questions on the setup feel free to ask or even just check out some of the other videos I did. I tried to be pretty informative but not sure how well it went over lol. Anyway thanks for taking a look!

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I've grown some yellow cherry tomatoes with a bunch ending up about ping pong ball size. Still tasted good too.
The biggest tomato I've had weighed in at about 20oz. It was a honker. But for a reality check, where I work a bunch of the guys have a big tomato contest every year and the winner usually weighs in at around 3 lbs. (though I'm told that when they're that big, they don't taste very good)

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