When to plant hydrangea cuttings?

kvicknairJuly 9, 2014

I have several hydrangea cuttings that I took from our yard when we moved. I have had them growing in plastic cups in a sunny spot in my bathroom for about 2 months. They are doing well, all making new leaves, showing good signs of growth. But I'm really confused about when to plant them outdoors. Do I plant them this fall? Next spring? If I wait until spring, what do I do with them through the winter?

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fall is perfect for planting

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I have about 30 little annabelle hydrangea cuttings all rooting nicely. I've been told to plant them in late August early September. Pretty much after most the heat waves are done and the mild weather starts. That way they get a chance to get the roots settled before winter. I found that out after I planted my first round of cuttings in my bed out back. Hopefully I didnt do it too soon and they make it through the summer.

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Thanks. That is what I was hoping. We had another batch of cuttings that we tried to keep in pots through last winter and they didn't survive.

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