Hydrangeas in Florida

rita_abendJuly 19, 2009

Hi! Is anyone in Florida growing Hyrangeas and what kind of success are you having? Any help would be great.




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There are a lot of people who grow them as south as the Orlando Area. They require a lot of water, about 50% more than normal because of the sandy soil in some places though. Shade is needed during the summer months, starting around 10-11 am or the leaves will sunscorch. They will still go dormant but very late, around January or so. Then they will leaf out about a month later. Water when the soil feels almost dry or dry to a depth of 4". Apply lots of compost top the soil when preparing the planting hole if you have sandy soil. Maybe as high as 50%. Fertilize with a 1 cup of cottonseed meal, compost or manure in May and June. In Spring, apply garden sulphur, green sand, aluminum sulphate, iron chelated liquid compounds, etc if you happen to live in alkaline areas. Growing in pots may also help where the soil is particularly bad. It also allows you to easily move the shrub if there is a problem with the planting location. Luis

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I live in the tampa bay area of Florida. This is my second year growing hydrangeas. I think they do better than you expect. Plant them where they get morning sun only, but not complete shade. You will need to water them, but really not more than you would a lot of other flowers.

Mine went dormant, sort of. The leaves developed red spots and partially remained green. In the spring when the new growth started I just took off the old leaves. It was really slow to start the new growth.

I suggest you get a reblooming variety like endless summer ( I have this one). We have a long growing season and I appreciate a rebloom.

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