Plant Water/Nutrient Requirements

piperlesterJuly 10, 2012

I'm looking for any decent resources on the water/nutrient requirements of a variety of plants (from squash to basil, and everything between). I'm building a drip system with perlite as a medium, but in trying to size drip emitters, pumps and reservoir size I've been unable to find anything definitive.

Thanks in advance!

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in general, a balanced nutrient formula in the range of 500 ppm will grow most anything. It will not be optimized for anything however. If you're wanting that kind of efficiency, you're too experienced to be asking that kind of question.
rez size will be somewhat dependent on quantity of plants, as well as whether you are recirculating or running to waste. for one squash and one basil. a five gallon bucket will be ample. for 10 of each, probably a 30 gallon trash can and plan on watching it close while the squash are flowering.

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Thanks... definitely not an expert (my first 'automated' system).

Any advice on daily water amounts (I'm planning to use 1/2gph drippers at the base of each plant). I'm also going to be recovering the runoff, while utilizing a large garbage bin for a reservoir.

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That depends on where you live. In north carolina, I water my EnF plants like 2X a day. but in a hot dry environment, you may need to water every hour of so. Enf and drippers should be very similar in how they hold water, but basically you want to get your medium wet and not let it dry out. In NC, I would probably set it up to water for 1/2 hour every 4 or 5 hours and adjust from there depending on weather and growth stage.

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