Everything went to Poop

SuperLue72July 7, 2011

I made a deepwater culture planter, followed all the best advice I could find. I bought some good size tomato, jalapeno and bell pepper plants from a nursery and after the second day all the leaves have dropped off. What happened?

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I used a 10-5-5 nutrient but reduced the measure per gallon cause I thought the nitrogen would be a little to high to start with. I placed the plants in partial shade for a couple days then moved into full sun for about 7 to eight hours a day. After I moved then into the sun is when they got bad.

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Sounds like you used soil nutrients?

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It was maxi grow, supposed to be for hydro fruits and vegetables.

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What's the water temp? Small volumes of water heat up quickly (especially when sitting in the sun). Flowers and leaves falling off is typical of heat stress.

Also, what do the roots look like? What does the nutrient solution look like (cloudy, foamy, algae growth, smell's bad)? Did you damage to the roots when you washed off the soil? Are you using a air pump and air stones?

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In that fast of time, I would say the plants were screwed up from the get go. Even bad solution shouldn't lead to defoliation on the second day. Wilting, yes, but defoliation? Missing some info here. Water or medium contamination? Did you spray an herbicide or have a neighbor that did nearby? Of course, even Roundup won't defoliate your plants by the second day. It can kill them, but the leaves don't fall off immediately.

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I kept the water temp around 75 degrees, I had an out container filled with water as a buffers and it had morning sun only. The container was 18 gallons. The roots are mostly that yellow green root color, there is a little brown but that was there when I unpotted them. The solution is clear with a green tint from the nutrients. I thought I handled the roots gently enough but to tell you the truth that was the first thing I thought of. I probably should not have used a watering wand on them like I did. I have an 18" air stone and a 2" round air stone. The stems look good and this morning I noticed leaf buds on my tomato, it is probably just shock like you said. Any suggestions to help them out?

Thanks everybody, I reaslly want to make this work and not get discourged.

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