chadgJuly 12, 2008

What kind of growing media would you recommend to grow radishes hydroponically? The clay balls?

I was thinking of doing a floating raft system and putting a cool-whip or medium size tupper ware container filled with clay balls in the raft.

If anyone has done radishes let me know how you did it.

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

Perlite works well. Seal a net pot with a piece of tissue paper and fill it with perlite. Then into the raft.

Good luck

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Clay balls aren't ideal for root crops. I'd use something smaller and tighter like perlite/vermiculite, or even sand.

I'd say a ebb/flow or drip irrigation system using sand would probably work best, I think that's how they do it commerically.

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I grow them in the three ounce plastic bathroom cups from the supermarket. A dozen holes dripped in the bottom and filled with Coir. I set the cups in styrofoam rafts floated over a bubbler. Starting the seeds in a wet coffee filter gives them a good start.

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Hi Chadg,

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Hi Chadg, you can grow radish crop with the âÂÂEbb & Flowâ system. In this, you can grow radish hydroponically using a tub or a tray filled with sterile growing medium. The growing medium is then regularly flooded with nutrient solution.

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