Red Japanese Maple is wilting!

believer81(NC)July 18, 2006

I received a Red Japanese Maple almost a year ago for a birthday present from my son. I have had it outdoors ever since watering at least every other day and it has been doing very well and had new growth in the spring. Recently I noticed some small white spots on the plant and today I noticed many leaves were wilting, drying up. It's been hot, but was hot last summer too and never noticed this before and I have been watering it. Does anyone have any ideas? I still have it in its original container. Please advise as I don't want to lose it.

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MrMiagi48386(z4 usa mich)

Hi Believer,
First of all, i'm no expert on J.maples but i've grown some nice ones on my property. If it's still in a nursery container, get it in the ground. If your soil is heavy, dig in some sand and peat to loosen it up. Pick a spot where it's not in sun all day. A spot that gets afternoon shade.
Plant the root ball a bit higher as opposed to too deep and put about 2in. of mulch over the planting area. As to watering, you'll have to be the judge. They like a moist but well drained soil. When it starts to look better,hit it some acid fertilizer, like Miracid at half the recommend dose. Hope i was some help to you. I live in Mich. My soil is very sandy and has been amended with top-soil and shreded oak leaves. I'd attach a pic of my 15ft.'Blood Good' beauty in the front of my house but haven't learned how to attach a pic with a message yet. Good Luck

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MrMiagi48386(z4 usa mich)

Pic of our Japanese Maple in the photo gallery. Print
Japanese Maple in search box.

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