Which of my seeds suitable for hydroponics?

bearstate(9A)July 16, 2007

I've got a number of seeds that I'd like to start and before putting them into a drip type hydroponic system that I have, I'd like to save time by understand which are suitable for this.

I know from reading that seeds that eventually develope rhizomes, tubers and the like are claimed not to be suitable. There are likely others that simply will not tolerate the abscense of a blanket of soil or perhaps even certain pH values that the standard hydroponic system doesn't offer up.

Here's my seed list ...


Blue Jacaranda

Tecoma Sambucifolia

Tabebuia Chrysostricha

Rhododendron Griersonianum

Aloe Kedongensis

Aloe Camperi

Senecio Petasitis

Anthurium Crenatum

Are any of the above suitable for starting out hydroponically?

I also have Dicksonia Antarctica, the Tasmanian Tree Fern, but somehow doubt I can grow this hydroponically. Can I?

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That's what I like ... the certainty of knowing that someone else has already been there and I can learn from their mistakes!

Not this time, I gather.

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Many people may not even know much about the plants you are asking about. I'm also pretty sketchy about most scientific names and so have no idea even what sort of plants you are asking about. If you can share some of the more common names and descriptions you might get more of an answer.

Almost any plant can be grown hydroponically. Even ones that grow rhizomes and tubers, they just might require a different type of system than might be best for say tomatos. (I've seen pictures of some great sweet potatos grown in hydroponics.)

Another think that could help people to figure out how to answer your question is what kind of system are you planning on using? If say you have an NFT system of a certain size, that might steer you away from certain plants on your list and favor others. If you are just trying to get seeds started, perhaps some type of propagator is all you need but if you are planning to grow to a specific size for sale, then you might need something all together different.

Good luck

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