datil peppers

oakleaf33(8)July 4, 2008

The famous datil or datill pepper from St. Augustine. I seen datilman 007 screen name the other day. It didnt really strike me as anything relevant untill I took a trip down to St. Augustine this past week. They have a famous datill pepper only native too there region that is a hot commodity. My friend that I went down there with, he and his dad are going to purchase this small startup company called datillman's beefjerky. If you come across some try it. That is some of the best beef jerky I have tried in a while. Datilman007 if you have any further knowledge on that famous pepper let me know about it. I would like to learn a little more on the subject.

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Am growing in a small home hydroponic unit, under lights. Have bautiful 3 ft tall plants, blooming well, but the flowers just dry up & fall off, producing no peppers. Can anyone tell me why ?

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I might be able to tell you why, but I'd need a load more info from you first.

What kind of nutrients are you using, at what concentrations and what pH? Why kind of hydroponic system are you running. How old are the plants, what kind of lighting are you using, what kind of schedule are they on, what pollination method are you using... there's a million questions.

Try to be as detailed as possible with what you've done so people can try to spot what's wrong.

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if the flowers are falling off with no peppers coming out then most likely they are not being polinated. Do you have a Fan you can blow on them - I am assuming they are indoors since you mentioned lights. THe fan may help, but you really probably should be using a Qtip or paintbrush and dab each flower and do this each AM and each evening and you will probably start to see something soon

good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.TechnologyGarden.net

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If they're self polinating as are tomatoes (they're both in the same family) simply buzz the back of each flower with a cheap electric toothbrush for a second or two after they've opened.

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Anyone know of a resource that lists which plants need to have hand pollination and how to do it?

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