Barerooting a hosta

bkay2000June 26, 2013

If I wanted to bare root a large hosta to send to a friend in the fall or winter, how would you do that? Do you kind of dry them out and hold them in the refrigerator? What if you're not in the same zones? I have a pretty good sized Blue Angel that gets anthracnose at my house. It never looks good. I think it might do well somewhere else. My friend is in Missouri.


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The ones I got get from the Hosta Geek are all free of soil so I would think washed, roots extended out and damp moss stuffed into and around all of the roots and then an elastic to keep it all in place and then in a plastic bag and then boxed up. I have never had one unhealthy plant arrive and all the ones I received in the fall both had leaves that were going into rest mode for the winter came up in spring looking like they had been planted for years. Only experience I have had. They said they would be fine like that for a week or 10 days

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Thanks, Faye.


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The bare root hosta I have received had wet paper (towels, newspaper or other ) wrapped around the roots and the roots were then put in plastic baggies. I would not let the roots dry out and I wouldn't bare root the hosta until I was ready to mail it.

Happy Hosta Sharing

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When I pack a hosta for trade I generally knock the loose soil off and then set the rootball in a big bucket of water. I might let the hosta sit overnight in the bucket if it has been very dry. Swish it around to get most of the soil off, use the hose to get the bits that don't want to loosen. Pack like Beverly said above. I also wrap the leaves in dry newspaper, it seems to help keep them happier. I never let it dry out at all except for the leaves. Hope that helps.

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